Donor Sponsor Wall

The Nest Sponsor Wall.png

Do you want to be part of 3 Little Birds history?

With our new Nest opening soon, we are introducing our Donor Wall. This will be a beautiful piece of artwork that sends a wave throughout our new space. A wave of love, positivity, and support. Your name will be up on the wall for all to see. When we have our Grand Opening, you will be able to find your name, and take a picture with it. The support you will provide by purchasing a circle, will spread far and wide with all the great programs we plan to offer.

Each year in July/August, you will have the opportunity to renew your circle sponsorship.

We can't wait for you to be part of our Flock for years to come! Here are the details to purchase your Circle:

  • Large Circle- Donate $500 or more
  • Medium Circle- Donate $201-$499
  • Small Circle- Donate $25-$200

You pick your amount, complete your donation, and we will let you know what color your circle will be, and you will also be first to know when we will host our Grand Opening :)