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Our Story

Our passion is giving young adults with cancer the experience of living as if they were never diagnosed.
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Make a difference in someones life in so many different ways with 3 Little Birds 4 Life.
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Need A Wish?

We are dedicated to giving joy and granting wishes in the lives of young adults with cancer.
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Wishes Granted

Grant a Wish Every Month by Joining  THE NEST


Join The Nest with a recurring donation and automatically support a new Wish Recipient every month.

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Wishes Don’t Just Happen


Granting the wishes of young adults with cancer fills our hearts with joy, but we can’t do it alone. From designing wishes to donating money to joining a committee, there are so many ways you can lend a hand and bring joy to so many young lives.

Wishes Don’t Just Happen


Want to make the wishes of cancer patients come true? Consider becoming one of our Wish Designers! Dip your hands in the entire process and help see the wishes of these young people come to fruition from start to finish.

Wishes Don’t Just Happen


To us, the smiles on the young people we sponsor are priceless. Please consider making a donation to make their wishes come true and give them a bright ray of sunshine in their lives. Any donation is greatly appreciated!