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228 Wishes Granted

3 Little Birds 4 Life is an organization that is passionate about giving young adults currently managing cancer the experience of living life as if they were never diagnosed with cancer. While it is certainly right to give attention and care to children and elderly people with cancer, those between the ages of 18 and 40 often are forgotten and lost in the shuffle. We want to make sure that people in this age group have their wishes granted and are given the resources they might need to find help in all aspects on their journey.

Do you have a wish? Do you know someone fighting cancer who might have a need or a wish?

How 3 Little Birds for Life Works

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Your Donation can cover the cost of a Wish…and change the life of a young adult with cancer.


Gift cards, grocery cards, concert tickets


Hotel, Home Repairs, New Computer


Airfare, Auto Repairs, Rent/Bill Payments


Fund an Entire Wish for someone!!!

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Noah »

Wish: To take his family on a mission trip

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LaWanda »

Wish: A new washer and dryer

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Xan »

Wish: To fly with the Blue Angels