Bring hope and happiness to young adults with cancer by “Rounding Up” Your Flock to grant a Wish.

Get started on your Round Up today! Each Wish costs about $2,000 to grant, but raising the funds is easier than you think when you build a Round Up:

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How Fundraising Works

3 Little Birds 4 Life gives your Round Up the opportunity to fundraise, and in turn bring hope and happiness to a group of young adults dealing with the negatives of cancer.

Step 1: Choose a Wish Recipient

Choose a Wish Recipient that you would like to Fundraise for to grant their Wish. The feeling you get when you grant a Wish is something you will never forget.

Step 2: Form a Flock

Round Up your friends, family, customers, or colleagues (We call them Your Flock) to help support your goal of granting a Wish.

Step 3: Start/Host Your Round Up

This is where Your Flock gets creative…

  • You can use our online fundraising tools to reach supporters, take online donations, and keep Your Flock updated on your progress
  • You can Round Up a party/fundraiser
  • You can Round Up your Customer’s Purchases
  • Round Up your team and play a charity game
  • Round Up your squad to Workout 4 Wishes

Step 4: Grant Your Wish

Once you have successfully completed your Round Up, you will have the option to set up a Wish Surprise for your Wish Recipient. You will see (in person or on video) the hope and happiness on their face once you tell them that their Wish is happening.

Are You Ready to Round Up? Let’s get started!

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