Our New Nest.png

Our New Nest is an exciting development in the 3 Little Birds 4 Life mission. This new space will allow us to grow our mission in new ways, and continue our current programs. Our New Nest will include the following...

Front Desk

  • Resource Information
  • Class Registration
  • Mission Center Information

Conference Room

  • Wish Granting Planning
  • Board Meetings
  • Current with Technology
  • A Conference Room for other Nonprofits to Use

Office Area

Mission Center

  • Educational Classes
  • Meetups
  • Health and Wellness Activities
  • Book Clubs
  • Head Shaving Parties
  • Birdie Bag Building


You can help make Our New Nest a reality. To be able to bring our dream to fruition, we need to raise $50,000. This will cover construction costs, technology equipment, office furniture, and monthly office expenses for the first year.

We will be offering: