Birdie Blankets

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Birdie Blankets are a unique item inside of our Birdie Bags. Blankets provide a sense of comfort to anyone that can snuggle up with one. We are letting YOU provide that comforting feeling to adult cancer patients that need it most, with a specially designed Birdie Blanket.

These are very easy to make, and no sewing is required. The Birdie Blankets are made up of knots around the edges.

We partner with Individuals, Teams, Groups, or Organizations to hand make each Birdie Blanket with love. We also provide a Birdie Bag Card that the person making the Birdie Blanket can write a personalized note of inspiration that will be placed in the Birdie Bag, and given to a local cancer patient.

What are the Birdie Blankets made of?

The Birdie Blankets are made of Fleece. These blankets are 2 sided Fleece Blankets that let the Birdie Blanket maker be as creative as they want when they pick out the Fleece Material. Just remember...these are for adult cancer patients, so try not to pick patterns that are too kiddish.

What size Fleece should we buy for the Birdie Blankets?

You should create your Birdie Blankets to start at 2 yds x 2 yds.

How Do I or My Group/Team Get Involved with Making Birdie Blankets?

  • Decide how many Birdie Blankets you or your group will pledge to make.
  • Fill out the form below to give us a contact person and a Birdie Blanket pledge amount of how many Birdie Blankets YOU or Your Team/Group plan to make.
  • Click on the Button below that states Birdie Blanket Info Sheet. This is our step by step instruction flyer to help you make the Birdie Blanket.
  • Once we receive your pledge, we will mail you the Birdie Blanket Cards (one for each Birdie Blanked Pledged). These cards will be filled out by the person creating the Birdie Blanket. Please write something inspirational, nice, and heartfelt to the cancer patient that is receiving your custom Birdie Blanket.

What happens when we are finished making the Birdie Blankets?

Please reach out to Ashley Swip:, to coordinate a Birdie Blanket drop off or pick up.

We will stuff the Birdie Blankets into our Birdie Bags, and deliver to a local hospital.