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How We Help

3 Little Birds 4 Life provides Celebrations and Love to those currently managing cancer throughout the St Louis Metro Area (IL and MO parts of the Metro Area). We serve those with any stage of cancer, and are between the ages of 25-55.

Our Services

Celebrations- Our Recipients have 2 Celebration Options to choose from:

  • “All The Things” Celebration- This Experience will include a Birdie Basket (custom gift basket), music, confetti, photo shoot, and so much more. We can bring a Celebration to a home, parking lot, etc.
  • “All The Love" Celebration- This Experience is the option to show the patient that you love so much " All The Love". This option is perfect for someone that just needs a "Pick Me Up", and that just needs to feel love from others. The Celebration will include a Birdie Basket (custom gift basket), and other things can be added to make sure they feel "All The Love".


  • The recipient must be between the ages of 25 and 55.
  • The recipient must live in the St Louis MO Metro area (IL and MO parts of the Metro Area)

What's Next?

A patient can apply themselves, or they can be nominated by one of their supporters.